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When You Lose Power

Tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, lightning, construction and traffic accidents all happen and all cause power outages. In many instances, homes and businesses can be without power for days and possibly even weeks as the power companies restore. So, the question isn’t, “What will we do if we lose power?” The question is, “What will we do when we lose power?”

Worksite Backup Power

On the job, with standby power solutions installed by Robinson Electric, you know you can keep working, no matter what happens. With our help, industrial plants, schools, public facilities and businesses are prepared for total outages as well as momentary interruptions that damage highly sensitive equipment.

Residential Generators

Losing power in your home can not only be uncomfortable but can also cost you hundreds of dollars and perishable items. Our team of electricians provide comprehensive generator and backup power services including installation, replacement, repair and preventive maintenance.

We’ve got your Home covered

As a KOHLER Titanium Dealer and leader in generator sales, we install the complete system required for automatic start-up and shutdown as needed. Our installations include major standby systems for federal, state and corporate customers that must be up and running when power is down.

At Robinson Electric, we offer only the highest quality products including both Kohler and Generac automatic generators to protect your home, and Taylor, Cummings and Caterpillar to meet your commercial and industrial backup power needs.

Kohler generator provides power to light up a large home
Kohler generator provides power to light up a large home

Industry-Leading Commercial & Industrial Power Solutions

Kohler generator provides power to light up a large home
Kohler generator provides power to light up a large home
Kohler generator provides power to light up a large home

Generator Service, Maintenance and Repair

  • Air-Cooled Full-Service Repairs
  • Battery Installations
  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Installations
  • Fuel & Air Filter Replacements
  • Handicapped Customer/Power Requirements
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Oil Changes
  • Rentals for Events & Disasters
  • Transfer Switch Service Install/Repair

Is a generator right for your home?

Are you thinking about a whole house generator for you home? Not sure where to begin? Our trained generator service technicians can help you find just the right solution for your home. Generators come in a range of sizes to meet your needs and typically take two days to install.

To get started, take our four-step quiz to explore your options and begin the estimate process. Once you complete the form, you can submit your information and our technicians will reach out to schedule an on-site visit to complete the estimate.