Robinson Electric


Business Signage

Having a well-lit, professional sign at your business can make all the difference. At Robinson Electric, we have the expertise to fulfill all your signage needs. Whether you need the total package of design and installation of a new sign or repairs to an old one, we’ve got you covered.

New Signs

It all starts with the design; we work closely with our customers to make sure we have a great-looking sign that represents their company and meets their needs. We also work with local municipalities to ensure the sign meets all local ordinances and codes.

We understand that proper planning and working closely with the customer ensures the installation of a final product we can all be proud of.

Repairs & Maintenance

A sign that is in disrepair and has lights out can negatively impact your business.

We have a fleet of bucket trucks and boom lifts ready to provide any signage-related repairs and maintenance you may need. Our fleet also includes a 120-foot boom lift, which most companies in this area don’t have access to, allowing us to make repairs on signs from ground level to interstate high-rise.

If your business needs a new sign, maintenance or repairs to an existing sign, contact us.